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The Band Room

Recent concerts:

Here are some of our recent shows - and all were sell-outs - Artists like Willy Mason, and Cerys Matthews chose the Band Room to perform secret gigs before their tours.

June 28th Woodpigeon + Eagleowl
May 17th Maia + French For Rabbits + Katie Lou McCabe

Nov 9th White River Brass Ensemble
Oct19th Emily Barker & The Red Clay Halo
Sept 21st Johnny Dowd
July 22nd Steve Riley & the Mamou Playboys
July 5th Ruth Moody
June 29th Blue Mosquitoes
May 24th Handsome Family
May 10th Valerie June
May 5th Michael Hurley

Dec 15th Trembling Bells + Maia
Oct 27th Alessi's Ark + Support
Aug 26th The Deep Dark Woods + Jackie Greene
June 1st Anais Mitchell & The Young Man Band
May 22th Savoy Family Cajun band
April 28th Michael Chapman & Hiss Golden Messenger
March 17th Martin & Eliza Carthy

Dec 2nd Meg Baird
Nov 11th Eva Thorarinsdottir
Oct 8th Hiss Golden Messenger + William Tyler
Aug 28th Willy Mason
July 30th Patricia Vonne
July 25th Savoy Family Cajun Band
June 24th Misty Miller
May 6th Sarabeth Tucek

Nov 5th My Bubba and Mi
Oct 16th Anais Mitchell
Sept 10th Citay
Aug 29th Megafaun
July 16th Alessi's Ark + Rachael Dadd
May 22nd Winter
May 8th Jesca Hoop

Dec 4th Megafaun
Oct 16th Eilen Jewell
Sept 11th Richmond Fontaine
Aug 8th Woodpigeon
July 3rd Simone White
May 16th The Handsome Family
March 21st Emily Barker & The Red Clay Halo

October 4th Anni Rossi
September 7th Bowerbirds
August 24th Eilen Jewell
July 12th Amy LaVere
June 14th Sadie Jemmett
April 26th Corinne West & Walter Strauss

October 20th Rachel Harrington & Zak Borden
October 12th Ramsay Midwood
September 22nd Salt & JT and The Clouds
July 18th The Pine Leaf Boys & Emily Barker
June 23rd Iain Archer, Jacob Golden, Josefina Sanner
May 13th Nina Violet, Sam Mason, Willy Mason
May 12th Teitur
April 27th Diana Jones, Beau Stapleton, Isaac Collier
February 3rd Eve Selis and Willy Mason

October 21st Kris Delmhorst & Jeffrey Foucault
September 23rd Cerys Matthews & Alun Tan Lan
September 15th Howe Gelb
August 28th Winter
June 9th Bic Runga
May 28th The Handsome Family & Boris McCutcheon
May 27th Waterson:Carthy

Sold out

Tour bus arrives for another sell out gig


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What people say about us:

Cerys Mathews and Band

"I wanted to play somewhere like The Band Room; it's a fantastic place to open a tour." Cerys Matthews.

"please please check out the website. www.thebandroom.co.uk the place is absolutely cute and the surrounding country side is full of beauty and peace. this is one of those times you can write something like that and be completely not embarrased because it's just plain true. we're in farndale I think? I don't know but it's one of the most beautiful places I've ever been. "
[Cerys Matthews band member, Ben."]

Hansome Family

by Rennie Sparks of The Handsome Family, written after the show at

"The Band Room is way up in the Yorkshire Moors. Steve is worried about werewolves. I assure him that most likely he's already been bitten, having slept with his window open in York. There are fat pheasants eyeing us suspiciously from fence posts as we drive up the curving roads. I take a walk in the woods before the show and start crying a little bit. It's so nice to be somewhere outside the manmade world for a few minutes before soundcheck.

After the show we load our equipment out under a sky full of stars and there is nothing to hear save the whispering wind and the call of some night bird. In the morning there's a sheepdog rounding up cows on a green meadow outside my window."

Bic Runga

by Bic Runga, in an interview before her show

"[The Band Room] - I like that sort of setting; intimate."

Jeb Loy Nicols

Jeb Loy Nichols: 10th October 2000

I did a gig in Farndale, in The Band Room, in the Yorkshire moors. A lovely spot, a good gig,
wonderful people. I look forward to going back, next time with a band. It's just the kind of gig I like.

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