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The Band Room
forthcoming concerts:
Maia| Woodpigeon + Eagleowl | The Magnolia Sisters

"I don't know why but it's one of the most beautiful places I've ever been."
[Cerys Matthews band member]

Hanson Family

We once had people fly over from Hong Kong to see a show at The Band Room...and a couple of guys flew in from Ohio to see The Groundhogs. What's so special about the place? We think it's because everyone loves the venue...the purity of its acoustics, the feelgood atmosphere, the magical charm of this little wooden room built for the Farndale Silver Band in the 1920s. And maybe it's also because we roll out the red carpetfor the bands - to make them feel special. Who knows, this could be why bands seem to pull out all the stops when they play The Band Room and why shows here tend to go on longer than they do elsewhere. People also like the fact that there's no noisy bar to contend with (you bring your own drinks) - and that after the show you stroll out into Farndale under one of the brightest star-lit skies in the country...

Saturday 17 May:
MAIA +‘secret’ support


They call themselves Alternative Sci-fi Folk Pop Evangelists but we think multi-instrumentalists MAIA are the 21st century BEATLES. Honest. As funny, inventive and exhilarating as the Fab Four in their heyday, they are our tip for Breakout Band of 2014. Plus 2 ‘secret’ support acts.

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Saturday 28 June 2014:


Exclusive double-header featuring transcendental Canadian indie rock outfit Woodpigeon who were first here in 2009 when The Guardian reported: �The audience sat in rapt silence, rather than chatting through the set like a blas� urban crowd, giving heartfelt applause and whoops for every number. The warm dusk glowing through the window had faded to inky black, and the only illumination was the odd spotlight or candle on a table. The band crammed on to the tiny stage and took us on a journey through alternative country and folk before finishing with a mesmerising psychedelic freak out.� Led by and performing the songs of KINKS fan Mark Andrew Hamilton, Woodpigeon�s sound recalls the finest works of SIMON & GARFUNKEL, BELLE & SEBASTIAN, SUFJAN STEVENS and GRIZZLY BEAR. Plus � for one night only � Scotland�s bewilderingly inventive lo-fi post folk ensemble EAGLEOWL

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Monday 28 July:

Magnolia sisters

It’s exclusive, it’s intimate, it’s Cajun and it’s Creole…But The Magnolia Sisters are so much more too. To be sure, they excel with their dancehall favourites and beautiful front porch ballads from the Southwest of Louisiana, but legendary Sisters lynchpin Ann Savoy has also recorded a Grammy-nominated album with LINDA RONSTADT, the Sisters’ sublime Acadian harmonies recall KATE & ANNA McGARRIGLE at their peak and this female folklorist supergroup – featuring Savoy, Jane Vidrine, Anya Burgess and Lisa Trahan - has been described by All Music as the missing link between ‘a bayou FAIRPORT CONVENTION and a feistier, female BEAUSOLEIL…’ So hey – mon Dieu! - let’s roll out the red carpet and…Allons danser!

Magnolia Sisters website


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What people say...

Dear Bandroom

"What a fantastic night we had watching Willy Mason and Eve Selis. The Band Room is all that is pure about music. It's beautifully intimate and a wonderful experience..."

Sam, Hartlepool

"Thankyou very much for letting me know about the willy mason gig, it was one of the best night's i've ever had, he was fantastic and your band room is (very hard to find and..) very cute."


"On Friday night a small group of us set off from Ripon to the wilds of Farndale and our first visit to the Bandroom.

What a treat was in store, I have been gig going for over forty years
including greats like Chuck Berry, Roy Orbison, The Animals on their return to Newcastle after touring America, many folky gigs and festivals, lots of RnB and rock gigs in sweaty pubs. On Friday night the awesome Howe Gelb was right up there with the very best, in your amazing venue, thank you .

I shall be keeping a close eye on your website in future as I have missed quite a few firm favorites in the past."

from N.T.

"Just a quick thanks to whoever got this together. It was one of the best gigs I've been to. First time but not the last time at the Band Room"


"Thanks for a brilliant night on Friday. Howe Gelb was sensational. Funny to think that the last time I saw him in July he was gracing the main stage at Benicassim in front of 30,000 people yet here he was playing to one man and his dog. How on earth do you manage to book the likes of him and Cerys Matthews?!"

Dave, Ripon

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